Kristen and Matthew

June 27, 2008

 (Photo courtesy of Metzger Studios)

 Matt and I met in college in 1999 through mutual friends, but we didn't start dating until the following June after I graduated and moved to Boston (he was still in school so apparently we were doomed for a long distance relationship from the start!).  Even though we had both liked each other before then, our friends were convinced that one didn't like the other, so we were both too afraid to approach the subject.  Finally, after my graduation party and a late night discussion, Matt and I realized that we both had feelings for each other.  I remember Matt asking what do we do now, and I said we should still go to the Red Sox game (we had gotten tickets for the Red Sox/Yankees game that Monday).  Luckily, we didn't base whether or not we should be together on the outcome of the game (the Red Sox lost miserably 22-1)!  Seven years later, Matt proposed to me on our anniversary, and the rest is history.  After many years of living in different cities, Matt and I will finally start our life together on June 27, 2008.

Knottie Disclaimer 

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