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Welcome to my site, completely dedicated to cats!
Site is unfortunately at the moment only in Finnish. That's why I decided to create a page where I introduce myself and my cats shortly in English. For more information please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail,

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I'm a young cat lover from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. I graduated from high school last spring (2011), and started my veterinary medicine -studies in the autumn. Catshows have been close to my heart since '06 when I attended one with my own cat for the first time. Nowadays I work very often as a steward and also exhibit my young forest cat Adam.

I have a pleasure to own two wonderful cats, housecat Eetu Pörri and norwegian forest cat Adam, officially SC FI*Kalicalanin Caro Miu, JW, DVM. Below you can find a short introduction of both of them. Cats are our familymembers and very important to me, so I try to take care of them the best I can. They have health inspections (made by vet)
regularly and they eat high-quality cat food and meat. Cats can enjoy the fresh air safely in their own outdoor pen and I take them often for a walk in the garden or forest in harnesses. They have also a lot of activities indoors.

Eetu Pörri

Name: Eetu Pörri
DOB: 09/04/2002
Breed: Shorthair housecat
Gender: Neutermale
Colour: Red mackereltabby/white (HCS d 09 23)
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Eetu is my very first cat! He is lovable, kind, friendly and a true housecat. Eetu loves good food, fresh air and warm, soft beds where he can relax. He is very traditional Finnish housecat, a bit lazy and knows how to make his life enjoyable!

Eetu attended over 40 catshows during his show-career ('06-'09), but nowadays he is enjoying the life of an old gentleman at home. Maybe some day he will come back to showrings, who knows...


Photo: Tess
Name: SC FI*Kalicalanin Caro Miu, JW, DVM
DOB: 11/02/2009
Breed: Norwegian forest cat
Gender: Male, neutered
Colour: Red blotched tabby (NFO d 22)
Health: HCM-normal (12/2009; 9/2011), GSD IV N/N,
FeLV/FIV negative, blood group A
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I cannot find words to describe this cat! He is my first forest cat, my dream come true. Adam is simply unbelievable! He is not only a breathtakingly beautiful cat, but also a charming personality, always so cheerful and kind. Adam loves humans, especially his mom, of course. And I love him more and more every day!

Adam has attended 45 shows so far, and his success has been incredible! He received a Junior Winner -titel at the age of 7,5 months in September 2009. Distinguished Variet Merit, DVM -title Adam received at the age of 2 years and 8 months in October 2011. Finally, at the age of 3 years he became Supreme Champion and was also Best In Show! In total, Adam has been 21 x BIV, 17 x NOM and 7 x Best In Show.

Unfortunately Adam never got any offspring and finally got neutered in April 2013.

I can never thank enough Adam's lovely breeder, Päivi Kupila (FI*Kalicalanin), for all her support and advice, and of course for letting me have this marvelous cat!