FLTK: Programs, Widgets and some other FLTK stuffs

Here you will find some of my widgets and programs, I still did not add much documentation but do not hesitate to write me if you need a hand about...

BP-ANNA (Screenshots): version 1.9.1

The Artificial Neural Network Architecture is a Back propagation neural network class developed to fit the FLTK library. The code is distributed under the GNU,GPL's,FLTK licences. The training algorithms include the Conjugate Gradient and the Levenberg-Marquardt. The distribution include the source code and a demo for Linux systems. The structure is very flexible and you can change the number of inputs, number of layers, number of neurons per layer and the outputs in a simple way. There is included a very nice structure editor, so you can visualize the neuronal network structure.

The input data is a very simply matrix in a plain text file format, so you just write your data in the same way. The output are taken from the last column toward the first. So if the matrix has four columns you can take as much the last three ones as outputs.

Download BP-ANNA


Fltk_contour Screenshots: (New version 5.3)

This is my attempt to develop an easy scientific data visualization widget for the FLTK library. I am developing and improving the code day to day. The widget is an OpenGL based contour visualizer for Linux, which allow you to built 2D and 3D graphs of contour and colour maps of scattered data sets. There is not a good documentation but it is easy to use if your familiar with FLTK. The input data are plain text XYZ files. Two examples, one with the topography data map of Poland with 5902 data and another with the sampled temperature on a silicon wafer, are provided. Feel free to use this code distributed under the GNU, GPL's, FLTK licences.

Download fltk_contour_5.3


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