Welcome to EEMIX Lab!

Our group focuses on creating energy-efficient circuits and systems that combine and process natural signal as well as electrical signals on a single chip platform by integrating low-power analog circuits, digital circuits and systems.
We invite you to browse our website to learn more about us and our research. 
EEMIX lab에서는 디지털, 아날로그 신호와 같은 전기적 신호 뿐만 아니라 빛, 생체신호 등과 같은 자연 신호를 감지, 결합, 처리하는 단일 chip 플랫폼 기반의 energy-efficient 회로 및 시스템을 연구한다.  이러한 단일 chip에 집적되는 저전력 아날로그 회로, 혼성신호 회로 및 디지털 회로 구조와 시스템 아키텍쳐를 연구한다.


EEMIX Lab에서는 함께 연구할 석/박사 학생들을 모집합니다.
최재혁 교수님 연구실에서는 다년간 반도체 회로 분야 최고 학회인 ISSCC와 
최고 학술지인 JSSC에 다양한 집적회로 및 시스템들을 발표하였으며,
창의적이고 열정적인 여러분과 함께 연구하기를 바랍니다. 
학비 및 생활비를 위한 장학금 지원이 가능하며,
저전력 아날로그/혼성신호 회로 및 시스템, 그리고 IoT, Drone, 자율주행차량용 센싱 시스템에
관심있는 학생들은 언제든지 연락하세요 (choix215@skku.edu).
EEMIX is now open for creative and self-motivated students (M.S., Ph.D).
Please contact prof. Choi (choix215@skku.edu) for detailed information~!  
Recent News & Highlights

03/01/2017   [Project] EEMIX started research on "High-Precision Time-to-Digital Converter", funded by Samsung Electronics.
03/04/2017   [Welcome] Yongsung Cho joined EEMIX.
03/01/2017   [Project] EEMIX started research on "High-Sensitivity Fingerprint Sensor", funded by ETRI.
03/01/2017   [Welcome] Hocheol Ryu joined EEMIX.
02/10/2017   [Welcome] Yeongjun Jo joined EEMIX.
02/01/2017   [Welcome] Dong-Wook Kim joined EEMIX.
11/17/2016   [Invited Talk] Prof. Choi is invited to give a talk at International Workshop on Image Sensors and Imaging System.
                    The title is "Always-On CMOS Image Sensors: Energy-Efficient Circuits & Architecture"
10/26/2016   [Invited Talk] Prof. Choi is invited to give a talk at ISOCC.                    
The title is "Review of Low Power Image Sensors for Always-On Imaging"
10/26/2016   [Paper] Prof. Choi's paper is published at IEEE Trans. on Consumer Electronics.
The title is "Biometrics for Electronic Eyes: System Authentication with Embedded CMOS Image Sensor"
09/01/2016   [Welcome] Hyubgseok Seo joined EEMIX.
08/01/2016   [Paper] Prof. Choi's paper is published at IET Electronics Letters.
The title is "Integrated visual sensor with 2D/3D imaging and in-situ proximity sensing for mobile devices"
06/01/2016   [Project] EEMIX started research on "Sensors for Self-Driving Car", funded by NRF.
04/26/2016   [Invited Talk] Prof. Choi is invited to give a talk at UNIST, Korea.                    
The title is "Always-On Image Sensor: Energy-Efficient Circuits and Architecture"
03/01/2016   [Paper] Prof. Choi's paper is published at IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits (JSSC).
The title is "Always-On CMOS Image Sensor for Mobile and Wearable Devices"
03/01/2016   [Welcome] Prof. Choi joined Sungkyunkwan University.