"I found myself faced with a rather complicated legal battle. Elizabeth attacked the case with professionalism and human courtesy. I received the outcome I hoped for. She earned my trust and respect. So, I hired her in a second case, as well, with great results." 
H.J. Presley

"We hired Elizabeth McDonald for a child custody case...Ms. McDonad took the case and she was very thorough. She worked hard and it was more than just a court case. She was concerned for the children's welfare. She stood behind us in every way and she did everything right. She is a wonderful lady and a great person. We won our case and now the children are thriving...I'm very blessed to have hired Ms. McDonald. She got results and we appreciate her and everything she did for us." 
S. Goolsby & J. Emerton

"Attorney Elizabeth McDonald has an exceptional reputation and is a credit to the legal community. I endorse this lawyer."
K.P. Guidara, KGI Investigations.
"When I think about Elizabeth McDonald, one word comes to mind and it is caring.  She has been a positive light in my entire families' life.  As an attorney, I felt great as a client of hers.  I knew that she would always be prepared.  It is nice to know there is an attorney out there that will fight for you." 
S. Brown
"When we think of Elizabeth McDonald, we think of honesty, loving, hard-working and a woman that can be trusted. As an attorney, she has helped our family and friends many times.  She has always put 110% effort and time in for us.  We felt safe and confident that she would do her best.  As an attorney, she is very positive toward her clients and represent herself and clients to the very highest degree.  Elizabeth is a very intelligent and caring person.  My family and I are always very pleased with the work she has done and will do for us in the future.  As a friend or an attorney, she can't be out done in any way, shape or form.  She is the best at what she does."  
W. Brown & C. Brown

"Elizabeth is dedicated and hard working.  She is an excellent attorney."
G. Jones