Summer School

Below, find links to assignments:

July 7th

AuthorProject.doc  due 7/8


Text - KateChopin.doc 

DesireesBabyStudyQuestions.doc  due 7/8

July 8th

LiteraryMovementPowerPointAssignment.doc  due 7/9


TheOutcastsofPokerFlat.doc  due 7/8

TheOutcastsofPokerFlatQuiz.doc  due 7/8

July 9th

AnimalFarmPrep.doc  due 7/9

DrawingDefinitions.doc  due 7/9

Read Chapter 1 in Animal Farm due 7/9

Quiz over Ch.1 tomorrow

 July 10th

Map of Animal Farm

Read Chapters 2 and 3 due 7/10

AnimalFarmCh1and2Quiz.doc due 7/10

AnimalFarmCharacters.doc due 7/10

July 11th

Read Chapter 4 due 7/11

AnimalFarmCh3and4Quiz.doc  due 7/11

Read Chapter 5 due 7/11


July 14th

Movie Review Assignment - Due @ 11:00 a.m.< namespace="" prefix="o" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" xml="true">

*Remember, your completed packets are due to me Tuesday!!  Do your Movie Review first in order to meet the deadline!!!

After viewing your movie, you will write a movie review.  Refer to the following two links for assistance and instructions.



Once you've looked at these links, begin writing your movie review.  You must submit your completed review as well as the checklist by the designated time.


  Animal Farm

Access the following website, click on "Webquest questions", complete and submit:  * This info should be a review from the Animal Farm Prep assignment!  This info WILL be on your final test!!

Dialectical Journal - Due @ 1:00

Look at the Dialectical Journal Attachment below:


As you read Chapters 6, 7, and 8, you will complete the Dialectical Journal.  Remember, you need at least ten journal entries per chapter!!

Movie - Due @ 1:45

Research the author that wrote your book that was turned into the movie you were assigned to watch.  *It is in your BEST interest to be aware of the information you are finding, as you will have a quiz upon our return on Tuesday




July 15 Due 7/15

Create  a storyboard over the movie you watched yesterday.  Your paper should have 6 squares.  Make the first square the title square and put your name on the back.  Then, choose FIVE important events from the movie and illustrate them.  Remember, this is similar to a comic strip, so events must appear in chronological order.  They must also be in color and since none of the characters were ever floating in white space, you'll need to have a background or setting of each event.

On the back of each square you will write a  paragraph (not a caption!!) explaining each event and closing any gaps between the events.  Be thorough and detailed in your summaries to show you knowledge and understanding of the events. 

 Animal Farm - Due 7/15

You were to read chapters 6, 7, and 8 yesterday.  Create a timeline of important events.  You must have at least FIVE important events from each chapter.  As this is a timeline, the events need to appear in chronological order.  You will also need to provide a colored  illustration for each event.\

 Read Chapter 9.  Access the link below to answer the questions.  Once you have completed the questions you can either print them out and turn them in or you may email them to me.


 July 16th




Start here!!

GAMES:  In order to receive points for these, you must give me your scores!! - *Play ONE player version!!

 Animal Farm WebQuests - Complete each of the following according to the directions provided

 PROPAGANDA -  Look at the examples of propaganda provided on this site.  Make sure to read thoroughly as it will help you with the next assignment!!


“Collect”/find (online, library, books, etc.) popular political propaganda (tracts, flyers, etc.) from the Revolutionary War through World War II. Using the information that you've found, answer the following questions:

What does each have in common? Why is propaganda such a powerful tool?

Assignment:  Complete the "VOTE" assignment below. 


Then, based on your  decision, create your own poster promoting propaganda for either Snowball or Napoleon.  You will need to use at least 3 types of propaganda on your poster!!   Check out the sample below:


Rubric AFpropagandaPosterRubric.doc

 July 17th


Your paper must be at least ONE page long.  Typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman.  Choose one of the topics from the following link:


 After Reading Questions - Complete the following questions:


 Calling All Producers...


 Character Analysis Paper!!! 

Read the following assignment page and complete your paper accordingly:


July 18th - LAST DAY!!!!!