Edy Ridge PAC

Edy Ridge Elementary

SW Copper Terrace
Sherwood, OR 97140

All parents, students, staff and the community are members of the Edy Ridge PAC. We are dedicated to helping our school provide outstanding, balanced education to our children.  By facilitating communication, promoting volunteer participation and providing fundraising opportunities, we aim to enrich the learning environment of our school with cultural programs, family events and curriculum enhancements.


**This information will also be going home in backpack mail on Friday.

There are MANY ways you and your child can participate in Edy Ridge Staff Appreciation Week. Choose one or more of the opportunities below to join in the fun!
  • Wish Lists – Starting on Friday, March 17th there will be a bulletin board in the front entryway with a list of supplies various staff have requested. You can pick something from the board to purchase for ANY of the staff (not just your child’s teacher). Sometime during the week (or soon after), bring that item directly to the staff member that requested the item as a small token to say thank you for all they do!
  • Favorite Things – You can find a list of each staff member's favorite things HERE.
  • “Drinks On Us” – We are looking for parents who are able to purchase and deliver a coffee or special drink for an Edy Ridge staff member on Thursday, March 23rd. Staff members who want to participate have filled out a form listing his/her favorite drink and location, along with the time of day that works best for delivery. You can sign up online for a specific staff member HERE. **Please be willing to make this a priority for that day if you choose to sign up. 
  • Staff Shout Outs – Starting Monday, March 20th // Spread kindness around like confetti and let’s bless our staff with some words of encouragement and appreciation. There will be sticky notes and pens available at the front entrance to the school. Write the staff member’s name along with a short message on the sticky note and stick on the bulletin board. All notes will be delivered at the end of each day.
  • Parent Donations – We will have some specific food and drink donation needs for the week to spoil our teachers during the various activities the PAC Hospitality team has planned. You can sign up HERE.
  • Daily Gratitude – Choose one, two, or all of the themed days to participate in. Don’t forget to check the teacher’s favorites online HERE.
Monday – Handmade from the Heart! Take the time to write a special note, create a drawing, make a card, design a bookmark, or put together a little craft, etc. Be creative and have fun!
Tuesday – How Sweet it is to be Taught by You! Bring in something sweet for your teacher. Ideas include bringing in his/her favorite candy, baked good, fruit, drink, etc.
Wednesday – Specialists Day! This day is all about honoring our school specialists and support staff, which includes Music, Library, PE, Speech, ELL, Instructional Assistants, Learning Specialists, Classroom Aides, Office Staff, Principal, Counselor, Food Service & Custodial. Bring in a hand-written note, treat, or something special to make his/her day! Choose two or more specialists to honor!
Thursday – Bursting with Color! Wear your teacher’s favorite color and/or bring in something fun that represents that color ~ maybe a drawing, make up a poem, a colored item, etc.
Friday – No School

**We are still looking for a Hospitality Coordinator for next year’s PAC Board. If you are interested please contact Heidi Boos at heidilynneboos@hotmail.com

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