Edward Seyforth

The author, Edward Seyforth  

He lives in Nova Scotia. Canada. He worked in a specialist

                Field of gerontology, counselling, for over 30 years.

                                After he retired, he counselled with considerable success,

               with Teens that were having problems at home and at school.                      

He had a short story published when he was sixteen.

He again tried his hand at writing short stories prior to his

Retirement and enjoyed the hobby. 

Since Edward retired, he has written seven novels

The Minister Sins has been published by Publish America.

                                The Discovery (Historic) A

Hannah’s Golden Moment (Historic) YA                        

The Accursed Blood Bond (Historic) A 

 SHORT STORIES: His short stories include A Soul Unveiled A                           

From Out Of fear Came Strength YA

Where Is Alex Michaels? YA   

Felicity and the Three Lonely Horses# YA

THE DECEPTION YA (a first class story of brutality)

THE ACCIDENTS... YA                  

Will I, Become A Star....?  YA

Snacky Celestial Tale A

Logan. Super Kid YA                                  

The Twins, Katie and Hannah And The Magical Old House.

The Twins, Hannah and Katie Make a shocking Discovery

The Twins  Hannah Has A New Friend, But is she really a Friend?

The Twins A Light Royal Tale

Gabriel and His Friend Lucy Ladybug  5/9                     

                Nine different stories about Lucy Lady bug and the insect

                village 5/9

                Fifty poems. One of the poems has been published in

                127 countries and one of his love poems was judged the best and

                read on television.

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978-1-4389-7773-7 (SC ISBN)

Edward Seyforth,
Jun 1, 2009, 4:48 PM