A Horribly Frightening Deception


A small rural town has a different style of school bully. 

16 year old Norman Shultz is not only a bully, he is a racist. Norman is short, but muscular. He is also dictatorial when with his gang. His gang consisted of his 15 year old girl friend, Pearl Liversly. Pearl loves Norman’s masculinity and is always ready to do, whatever he demands.

Two other members of Norman’s gang are brothers, Allan (known as Foxy) and Benton Weatherby. The brother’s have become devotees of Norman. With Norman as their leader, they become united and prepared to bully and terrorize younger children. The bullying becomes more intense when a black family move in the area. Since Norman’s birth, he has been indoctrinated by his father. Carl Shultz was an ex Nazi Guard at Belsen. Carl Shultz has taught Norman to hate all Jews and black people. Jason Pulling is a black 12 year old boy. Jason becomes the centre of Norman’s attention.

Things get worse when 12 year old Samuel Collard, a Jewish boy, moves next door to Jason. Samuel, and Jason became friends. Norman then thinks of a plan to get rid of Jason and Sam, and his plan is horrendous.  

It is now being published and I have received this message from Publish America.

PublishAmerica will submit your book to one of Hollywood's most successful studios. We will send your book to Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks for their consideration, five copies, so that more than one studio staffer gets a chance to read your work! DreamWorks has produced stars such as Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, and the Shrek cast. Their films have won numerous Oscars. Many of Hollywood's success movies are based on fiction or nonfiction books.
We're not waiting for Hollywood to ask for your book. We're donating it to them. And we will let your local newspaper, radio, or TV know that your book is being submitted to Hollywood. So they can put the spotlight on you as a local author.

This of course delights me. The book should be requested by school boards and libraries. The Dept of Social Justice has all ready asked for copies.