Edward Seyforth 

  • Published by: PublishAmerica
  • Nineteen-year-old Brittany and her twelve-year-old sister Sarah mourned the sudden death of their father, a church minister. They had lived most of their lives at the manse. But with a new minister due in six weeks, they have to vacate. The church hierarchy offer the girls accommodation and help. Brittany decides she would like to make her way in the world with Sarah. Their father had left very little money and their only living relative, their father’s brother, their Uncle Claude whom they had never met, lives in Brewer, Maine, USA. Searching through her late father’s desk, she finds her father’s diary and the contents shock her. She also finds Uncle Claude’s address and decides to write to him. But Brittany and Sarah’s reception when they meet their uncle is one of rejection as he reveals devastating facts about their father. Brittany learns yet another of her father’s secrets as she attempts to start a life on their own. Their mother, Eva, died soon after Sarah was born. Brittany was then twelve years old. Eva had been an immigrant from communist-controlled Hungary. She had been smuggled out of Hungary after her parents were arrested and imprisoned and subsequently eliminated. Their only crime: They were aristocrats who were opposed to the communist government. Brittany finds life difficult and heartbreaking while trying to be mother and father to Sarah as she tries to find a home and a position in the workplace. Brittany is able to secure a special position with a major Canadian chocolate manufacturer because of her excellent education and her gift for languages. She is required to travel abroad and to many parts of Canada and the United States of America. As the daughter of a church minister, she has lead a sheltered life and is unprepared for the advances of the many men she comes into contact with.


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