Last site update: 1/31/2020

I am an assistant professor of economics at Calstate Northridge.  My research interests include housing, real estate, and urban economics, the economics of innovation and of information, and how digital technology is transforming the urban landscape.

Recent Published Papers

The Effect of Home-Sharing on House Prices and Rent: Evidence from Airbnb (with Kyle Barron and Davide Proserpio) -- forthcoming, Marketing Science

Measuring Mortgage Credit Availability: A Frontier Estimation Approach (with Elliot Anenberg, Aurel Hizmo and Raven Molloy) -- Journal of Applied Econometrics (2019)
Can More Housing Supply Solve the Affordability Crisis? Evidence from a Neighborhood Choice Model (with Elliot Anenberg) -- Regional Science and Urban Economics (2020), Special Issue on Housing Affordability

Recent Working Papers

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Housing -- working paper, prepared for the NBER Growth Conference, "Beyond 140 Characters: The Role of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Economic Growth."

Social Learning and Local Consumption Amenities: Evidence from Yelp (with Elliot Anenberg and Chun Kuang) -- working paper

Older Published Papers

Life Insurance and Life Settlements: The Case for Health-Contingent Cash Surrender Values (with Hanming Fang) -- Journal of Risk and Insurance (2018)