"Airline Peanuts Launched a Thousand Ships and Pioneered the 21st Century Marco Polo Complex."  -William Blake

Zaatimonster the Blind Calico

"Alien Culture, Man.  This Is Our Sputnik Moment."  -Jack Kerouac

People's Republic of China, March-May 2002

Islamic Republic of Iran, May-June 1997

Islamic Republic of Pakistan, June-August 1997

Republic of India, August-December 1997

People's Republic of Bangladesh, August 2000

"You Can Never Step in the Same Hot Spring Twice.  It Annoys the Alpha Monkey."   -Heraclitus

Japan, 1998-2011

Republic of the Union of Myanmar, July 2001

Republic of the Union of Myanmar, December 2006

Lao People's Democratic Republic, May 2002, March 2004

Kingdom of Thailand, 1999-2006

"The Word 'Look' Is the Greatest Letter in the Alphabet."  -Snuffleupagus

"The Shortest Distance Between Two Points Is Liquid."  -Michel de Montaigne

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