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My talk at the launch party for Money, Finance, Reality, Morality, my new book. I explain why it is a work of stunning arrogance.


I am interviewed in a very nice podcast (IMO): https://anchor.fm/faith-at-the-frontiers/episodes/Economy-as-gift-beyond-the-capitalist-socialist-dichotomy---with-Edward-Hadas-e1thubo


My new book: Money, Finance, Reality, Morality. From Ethics International Press.

Why does the money-financial system break down so often and so badly? I have written a book to answer that question. Here is the publisher's blurb:

Conventional explanations of the nature of money are weighed down by bad ideas and irrelevant historical evidence. The standard theory of finance is hampered by the lack of both sociological and ethical contextualization, and by sloppy thinking about numbers and time. Money, Finance, Reality, Morality addresses those weaknesses with truly novel models of how the economy, money, and finance actually work.

The book analyses the perception of money as an economic tool (as compared to a symbolic and sociological object) as a highly functional quantitative token that assigns numerical values to the inherently unmeasurable economic activities of labour and consumption. It looks at finance as an often inferior solution to economic problems and a tool for helping the poor support the rich. And it explains how the tolerance of greed makes the money-finance system the weakest link in modern economies.


Other writings:

The war against Covid-19: A pseudo-holy, power-hungry mess . This is not about medicine, and starts from the assumption that the anti-Covid lockdowns are an insult to human nature. My goal is explain why they happened. I have seven levels of explanation, from panic to purity-cult.

This might be a bit niche, but for people who care, an article (rejected by the journal that commissioned it) on the shift from war-acceptance to peace-searching in the Catholic Church's social teaching. Some big questions here about the role of war in the human conditoin.

A speech I gave in Edinburgh on "Covid and the technocratic paradigm". I talk about hip replacements, misplaced faith in technology, and one of the quandaries of modernity. I also have a few words on Pope Francis.

An article about anti-Covid restrictions for Together for the Common Good. The title is "The Assault on Humanity", which pretty much sets the tone.

An article about our political culture for Together for the Common Good. My slogan, "We talk Locke, we act Hegel, we need koinonia". This was written before the authoritarian leap of the Covid restrictions. I think it counts as prescient.

A review for Humanum of a wild and wonderful book by Olivier-Thomas Venard.

A column on the Covid-19 economy, in which I say (mostly) nice things about how governments are managing the money system.

A link to a little article on Covid-19, the meaning of life, and what is unfair in the modern world: Viral Injustice. On the lovely Second Spring website.

Some thoughts on Rerum novarum : about the concept of property (mostly, but not only, for people who care about the Catholic Social Teaching).

The Shattered Dream: American Exceptionalism Goes Negative: An article written after one more week of bad news about the United States, 10 August 2019

Brexit for Catholics (and everyone else): Notes and slides from a talk for the Blackfriars Poverty in Britain Group and the Las Casas Institute, 10 March 2019

An article in New Blackfriars: "Three Rival Versions on Monetary Enquiry: Symbol, Treasure Token". Available to subscribers here

An article for Humanum: "Lights and Shadows of Modern Labour". In which I try to summarise and advance Catholic Social Teaching on the subject of work, especially modern work. There are, as the title suggests, light and shadows - I say there are more of the former.

About Edward Hadas: I am a Research Fellow at Blackfriars Hall, Oxford (which cannot be held responsible for my views), a teacher of various things to various students, an economist, a sometime journalist, and (I hope thoughtful) Catholic. On this site you will find information about my latest books, as well as articles ranging over such topics as the moral and ethical basis for economics, a Christian understanding of my own Jewish heritage, and the last financial crisis.


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