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About Us

EdVibes is an educational and technology consulting firm that can deliver technological and pedagogically-sound educational solutions to your school through either on-site or off-site consultancy. The aim of EdVibes is to use Google Apps in Education Cloud Computing and other emerging technologies to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

We believe there is a technological revolution underway with the $100 laptop, thin clients, and free and open source software which is providing cheaper and easier to use equipment then ever before.  The education institution is on the brink of a renaissance on how we teach and learn with new technologies like blogs, wikis, podcasts, and social networks.  We believe we can bridge the gap between digital natives and digital immigrants, cross the digital divide, and bring together parents, teachers, network and school administrators to best prepare our students with 21st century skills to succeed in the global community.

Company History:

Founded in 2006 by a couple of school teachers from an award-winning Blue Ribbon Charter School in Detroit who are passionate about education and technology. Started as a blog that spread to a social network.

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