Interview Questions for Foreign Exchange Students

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                                                        Interview Questions for Foreign Exchange Students

1.       Is your education in your school the same as ours? What is different about it?

2.       For college do you have to take an SAT?

3.       Do you think a lot of students cheat in school?

4.       Do you think someone has to go to school to be educated?

5.       In your culture, how do people define an intelligent person?

6.       Is self-education important in your country or is it just schooling?

7.       How important is schooling in your country?

8.       Do you think colleges look more at your standardized test grades or grades you get in school?

9.       What makes you qualified for colleges there?

10.   Are the classes in America harder than the ones you take at your school in your country?

11.   What is one major difference from the structure of your country that you experienced here?

12.   Is the school day structured the same as it is here in America?