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1. Introduction
Take a ride and journey through the brain. Become aware of the concepts that relate to this organ. Distinguish between the entities of schooling and education.

2. Intelligence
Become aware of importance self-education and education as a whole. Learn about the process of critical thinking. Discover your type(s) of intelligence(s) and determine what things make you intelligent.


The purpose of our site is to revolutionize the standard perspective of education and what it means to be intelligent. We will catalyze this revolution by providing different opinions and perspectives on education, schooling and intelligence. Our general audience consists of people from all ages, for all individuals are affected by education at some point in their lives. However, our target audience consists of students, teachers, and educators since they will provide the catalyst that is necessary for the genesis of revolution. 

We are challenging the way society has viewed education, schooling and intelligence because people around the world have considered intelligence to be the education that is offered through schooling.  By utilizing primary research, secondary research and our own insight, we have created our own definitions of education, schooling and intelligence and compared them to the definitions of the general public. We want our audience to be circumspect of our non-traditional perspectives of the aforementioned terms, so assumed definitions will be eradicated.

We present the information to the audience with the understanding that our view will be criticized just as we are criticizing the general view. We not only redefine the terms but also test the terms.  We have pictures and videos demonstrating the concepts we proposed. Also, we want to provide members of the audience with the inspiration they need to educate themselves and encourage others to do the same. By doing this, the audience will realize that there are many ways to gain a good education; individuals must use the many methods that are available to them such as self-education, experience, interaction with the world and the application of knowledge, wisdom and skills in addition to schooling.


3. Schooling
    Learn how compulsory education was imposed on society. Note the positives of schooling and learn about different education systems. Become familiar with Standardized Tests and the concept of cheating. Detect stereotypes and its effects.

4. Revolution
What is Team Education's view? Discover and assess our own perspective on intelligence, self-education and schooling. Learn how you can revolutionize the traditional views of education and intelligence.

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