First International Workshop on Software Engineering Education based on Real-World Experiences

EduRex 2012 is a workshop in conjunction with ICSE 2012.

The workshop will be held in Zurich on the 9th of June 2012.

When they enter a university program, students often focus on software construction, because programming appears to them as the most interesting, most visible, and most rewarding activity in software engineering. Software engineering curricula need to widen this view by teaching the importance, the methods, the opportunities, and the rewards of all software engineering disciplines. This includes conveying how large-scale software is developed in real-world environments, so that graduates can contribute more effectively to such projects when starting a career. Software engineering education based on real-world experiences allows students to experience software engineering in all its facets and fosters students' motivation.

EduRex 2012 shall provide a discussion forum for teachers, educators and practitioners to exchange ideas, concepts, and experience in experience-oriented learning of software engineering. To stimulate discussions in break-out groups, we seek reports on successful courses, statements of open problems, and plans on how to support experience-oriented learning in the future.