Live Hangout Schedule

Below is a list of all the sessions in the Education On Air series for 2013. 
Check back periodically for new sessions. All times are Eastern.

Office Hours

 Date and Time (Eastern)  Session Title
 Every Tues, 3pm  Google Apps Office Hours & Help Session with Kern Kelley's Students

Devices for Education & Learning on the Web

 Date and Time (Eastern)  Session Title
 Wed, May 1st, 3:30pm  Take Your Students to the Cloud
 Mon, May 20th, 7pm  Google Nexus 7: Cloud Centric Computing

Chrome for Education 

 Date and Time (Eastern)  Session Title
 Fri, April 12th, 1pm  Chrome Management
 Mon, April 15, 6pm  Chrome Apps and Extensions
 Fri, April 19th, 1pm  Chromebooks for the Common Core
 Tues, April 23rd, 5pm   Your Life in Chrome
 Wed, May 8, 4pm  Get Students with Print Disabilities Reading with Chrome and Bookshare
 Mon-Fri May 6-10, 1pm Innovative Chromebook Teachers: Using Chromebooks in Different Subjects
 Thurs, May 9th, 11am  Chromebooks: A "Class" Act

Computer Science on Air

 Date and Time (Eastern)  Session Title
 Tues, March 12th, 7.15am  Women in Engineering (10): Interview with Dr Eva Navarro-López, University of Manchester
 Thurs, March 14th, 6.45am  The trials and tribulations of teaching Boolean algebra
 Thurs, March 14th, 11.15am  Women in Engineering at Google (11): Interview with Marzia Niccolai
 Wed, March 20th, 8.15am  Women in Engineering at Google (12): Interview with Wan-Yen Lo, Software Engineer in Zurich,  Switzerland
 Tues, April 2nd, 2pm  Using Google Drawing to Make a Network Diagram
 Thurs, April 11, 4pm  Google Summer of Code 2013
 Thurs, April 18th, 6.45am  Introduction to Java programming using Greenfoot in the classroom
 Thurs, May 30th, 4pm  Coding in School
TBD  Collaboration Skills through Computer Science Projects
 Thurs, May 30th 5.45am             Women in Engineering at Google (Russia - 1): Interview with Yulia Vlaslenko, Software Engineer, Google Moscow
 Thurs, June 6th, 4.45am Women in Engineering at Google (Russia - 2): Interview with Anna Kondratieva, Software Engineer, Google Moscow
 Thurs, June 6th, 6.15am  Women in Engineering at Google (Germany - 1): Interview with Sara Adams, Software Engineer, Google Munich

Digital Citizenship & Search Education

 Date and Time (Eastern)  Session Title
 Tues, March 26th, 2.30pm  Research Career Fair
 Tues, April 23rd, 2.30pm  Research Career Fair

Google Apps for Education- for Teachers

 Date and Time (Eastern)  Session Title
 TBC  Connect with Your Students - Google Voice
 TBC  Self Grading Quizzes with Flubaroo
 Tues, March 12th, 7pm  Google Apps on iOS
 Tues, March 26th, 5pm  Google Docs and Common Core Literacy
 Tues, March 26th, 3pm  Paperless Classroom or School: Organize your GAFE Workflow with gClassFolders (version 2)
 Thurs, May 30, 7pm  RSS Feeds: A Powerful Tool for Tech Savvy Educators
 Wed, April 10th, 1pm  STEM in a Google+ World: How to use Google+ as a STEMmer
 Tues, April 16th, 5pm  Google Sites Tips and Tricks
 Tues, April 16th, 5pm  Call phone and Google Voice for Parent Contact
 Wed, April 17th, 5pm  Automate Your Classroom with Google Apps Script
 Wed, April 10th, 4.30pm  Create a Community of Collaboration with Google Sites
 Wed, April 10th, 2pm  Google Apps Script for Beginners
 TuesApril 23rd, 3pm  Google+ for Personal Learning and Collaborative Education
 Tues, May 14th, 5pm  Organize your Drive (cancelled due to conflict)
 Thurs, May 16th, 8am  GAPPS - новые возможности для российских школ
 Thurs, May 16th, 5pm  Can You Hear Me Now? Google Voice for the Classroom
 Tues, April 23rd, 5pm  Google Apps Meets Common Core
 Tues, May 7th, 4:30pm  Auditing Google Drive for Educators
 Tues, March 26th, 7pm   Nature Imitates Algebra with Google Drive Apps
TBC   Getting Content Online with Google Sites and Google Drive
 Tues, June 4th, 10pm  Designing for Google Earth
 Sat, June 8th, 9pm  Summertime Fun with Hangouts: How to Use Hangouts to Connect Your Classroom With the World
 Thurs, June 20th, 7pm  Using Google Plus Communities for Engaging Class Discussions

Google Apps for Education- for Administrators

 Date and Time (Eastern)  Session Title
 Fri, March 22nd, 10:00am  Gone Google - 18 months down the line
 Tues, April 9th, 3pm  GAFE Integrated Content Filter:
 Fri, April 19th, 8:00am   Switching to Google Apps for Education
 Mon, April 22nd, 9:30am  Gone Google - developing student digital leaders
 Mon, May 20th, 9:30am  Gone Google - 18 months of Curriculum Change
 Mon, June 10th, 9:30am  Gone Google - 20 months of student collaboration
 Mon, July 1st, 9:30am  Gone Google - 2 years and counting
 WedJuly 3rd, 9pm   Admin Mania: Getting Started with the Google Apps Dashboard
 Thurs, April 11th, 3pm  The Power of Higher Education on Google+

Google Tools for Art, Science, Geography and More

 Date and Time (Eastern)  Session Title
 Sat, March 16th, 2pm   Google App Engine
 Thurs, March 21st, 11am  Virtual Field Trip: The Giant Pacific Octopus, Ambassador of the Pacific Northwest
 Mon, April 15th, 9.00pm  Creating Awesome Placemarks in Google Earth
 Mon, May 6, 3pm  Incorporating Google Earth into the School Curriculum
 Sat, May 18th, 7pm  India, Geographical Characterization

Web apps for Education

 Date and Time (Eastern)  Session Title
 Wed, April 3rd, 4:30am  Penguin Book Club Presents: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
 Fri, April 12th, 4pm  Introduction to GeoGebra Chrome App
 Tue, April 16th, 1 PM  Lucidchart - Mapping it Out with Lucidchart
 Thurs, April 18th, 4pm  Using GeoGebra's Geometry View
 Wed, April 24th, 4pm  Using GeoGebra's Algebra View
 Fri, April 26th, 4pm  Using GeoGebra's Spreadsheet View
 Sun, April 28th, 4pm  Fun with GeoGebra
 Mon, April 1st, 8pm  Teaching and Learning Visually with Lucid Chart
 Wed, April 3rd, 6:30pm  Sensor-based Data Collection and Inquiry in 1:1 Science Classrooms
 Thurs, April 4th, 8am  Allow Your Students to Express Their Creativity Through Animated Videos for Free: GoAnimate!
 Tues, April 9th, 11:00am  Mind Mapping in the Classroom
 Wed, April 10th, 11:00am  Mind Mapping Pilot - Introduction and Evaluation
 Thurs, April 11th, 11:00am  Mind Mapping for Leaders
 Thurs, April 18th, 7.00pm  Blended Learning with Hapara's Teacher Dashboard on GAFE
 Thurs, May 2nd, 9:30am  La Scuol@ 3.0 spiegata ai Dirigenti scolastici - Parte Prima [Italian] 
 Thurs, May 9th, 9:30am  La Scuol@ 3.0 spiegata ai Dirigenti scolastici - Parte Seconda [Italian]
 Thurs, May 16th, 9:30am  La Scuol@ 3.0 spiegata ai Dirigenti scolastici - Parte Terza [Italian]
 Thurs, May 23rd, 9:30am  La Scuol@ 3.0 spiegata ai Dirigenti scolastici - Parte Quarta [Italian]
 Wed, May 29th, 2:30am Penguin Book Club Presents: The Great Gatsby
 Wed, May 8th, 9pm  Vocabulary Spelling City
 Thurs, May 23rd, 7.00pm  Monitoring Student Activity in Chrome with Hapara's Remote Control
 Wed, June 12th, 7pm   Diigo--Networking for Newbies
 Mon, August 5th, 8.00pm  Make Learning Spelling and Vocabulary Fun
 Mon, July 8th, 12:00pm  Authentic Learning
 Wed, July 3rd, 5:30am Penguin Book Club Presents: Jane Eyre
 TBC  Mapping it out with LucidChart

YouTube Education

 Date and Time (Eastern)  Session Title
 Tues, March 19th, 7pm  Flip Your Classroom with YouTube
 Fri, April 19th, 11am  Creating Stories with YouTube

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