Research Career Fair

Session description
What do cinematographers, recruiters, and political pollsters have in common? They all depend on research skills to get their jobs done right. Expose your students to intriguing career paths they might not have previously encountered, and participate in discussions where they discover how strong academic research skills can pay off as they move into the workplace.

Presenter information
Google Search Educator Tasha Bergson-Michelson specializes in creative application of everyday search tools, and in teaching people to use popular search engines to find high-quality information with greater efficiency and less frustration. Tasha collaborates with educators who teach other people to search, including classroom teachers, librarians, technology integration specials, professors, and more. She supports educational efforts via Google’s Massive Open Online Courses like Power Searching with Google, the Search Education hub, KQED’s Mindshift: How We will Learn, and Google+.
  • Twitter @researchwell
Hangout information
  • Date for session 1: Tuesday, Oct 30, 1pm Eastern
  • Date for session 2: Tuesday, Dec 11, 1pm Eastern
  • The Hangout will occur on
  • Hashtag #searchedu