India, Geographical Characterization

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This lesson plan describe the geography of India through the Google Earth applications. You will see that useful is this excellent program and the difference between fix map and the possibility to approach the terrain. Lesson plan includes the kmz files type and hyperlinks attached to geographic features and the teacher, with one click, get more detailed information by accessing kmz files will enter to the virtual world. (45 minutes)


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  • Time: May 18, 19:00 pm Eastern, 45 minutes in length
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Galbin Florin Claudiu
Middle School Enea Grapini Șanț, Romania

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  • Website: please see this doc for a sample lesson plan

My name is Galbin Florin Claudiu, geography teacher at Enea Grapini Middle School of Șanț, Romania. I'd like to introduce a new idea lesson plan. It is probably the most innovative lesson plan format, and Google Docs is the best way to share but with a little inconvenience! You will see!


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Florin Galbin,
26 Mar 2013, 11:31