Google Nexus 7: Cloud Centric Computing

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As more schools and districts make their move to the web as a platform, it makes sense to explore devices that can leverage cloud based services with ease. Enter Google’s Nexus 7 tablet. Discover why the Nexus 7 is an amazing device and prepare for cloud centric computing!


  • Suggested audience: Beginners
  • Prior experience or knowledge: N/A


  • Time: Mat 20th, 7pm Eastern
  • Session hashtag#cloudcentric
  • Conference hashtag: #eduonair

Sean Beavers
Technical Consultant, SOITA

Sean Beavers is a former fourth and fifth grade math, science, and language arts teacher with an insatiable passion for technology ever since he laid his hands on an Apple IIe. Currently he works for SOITA, (which stands for Southwestern Ohio Instructional Technology Association) as their technical consultant. In this capacity he is responsible for developing highly successful professional development opportunities for educators far and wide. In addition, Sean is a Google Certified Teacher, Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer, co-host of The State of Tech podcast, and first and foremost a husband, father, and geek.


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