Where do the sessions take place?
The sessions are entirely virtual, online. All the sessions are being given using Google+ Hangouts On Air. To join Google+ visit www.google.com/+.

How do I get more information on Google+?
Visit the help center at this webpage.

What are Hangouts?
Hangouts allow up to 10 people to participate in an online video chat, face-to-face-to-face. Find out more information on this webpage.

What are Hangouts On Air?
Hangouts On Air make it possible for the host or broadcaster  to record and live stream their hangout to the  public. All of the Education On Air sessions will be broadcast for anyone to see.

How do I participate in the Education On Air Conference?
To register your interest in a conference session, visit the Register tab of this site. On the date and time of the Hangout go to the Google+ page for the Hangout presenter. You can find a link to the presenter page on the Hangout Schedule page for their Hangout.

On the presenter's page in Google+ you can leave a comment with the top question you have for them. The presenter will read these comments before and during the event to see which questions the audience has, and whether to invite some of the people to participate in the Hangout on the day.

I have not been invited to the Hangout, but I want to join. What can I do?
Hangouts On Air allow for 10 people to participate in a  live discussion. Each host will decide how many people to invite to the session, and when they will do this. Some people may not invite anyone to join live, some will invite participants at the start, while others may wait until the question & answer portion of their session. Although it will not be possible for all viewers to take part inside the Hangout, everyone can watch the live stream of the session and take part by posing questions and comments in the stream. Recorded sessions will be available after the fact.

Where do I find the Hangout On Air so that I can tune in and ask my questions?
The Hangouts will be live streamed on the speaker’s Google+ Pages. You can find a link to the Google+ page for presenters of each session in the  
Hangout Schedule tab. If there are multiple speakers, the session description tells you which of them is showing the live stream.

How do I pose questions and comments about the session?
Click on the link to the post the presenter made about their session on their Google+ profile. You can find the link to their post on the 
Hangout Schedule tab. Write your questions in the comments section below the post. Make sure you refresh your screen to load new questions and comments. Therefore we recommend you have two browser tabs open: one to watch the video and one to write and refresh comments (so you do not interrupt the video). The presenter and facilitator will monitor these comments to find popular questions before and during the session. 

The session has started but I don't see the live stream video on the presenters page. Why?
This may be because the session is a bit late in starting.  If the session is going to be delayed, the presenter will let viewers know by commenting on the post about the session on the presenter's Google+ page.

How do I propose a session?
All sessions are being given by Google Certified Teachers, Google Apps Certified Trainers, and Googlers. Learn more about how to become a Certified Teacher or how to become an Apps Certified Trainer on the professional development page of the Google in Education website.