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Project Portfolios - A Middle School Social Studies Year Long Project

Session Description

Project Portfolios

Google Apps forEducation (GAFE) can provide a one stop shopping experience for schools - administrators, staff and students.  Learn how 8th grade (Year 9) Social Studies/History integrated GAFE into their year long “Adopt A Country” project - allowing students to become fluent in the use of many applications of GAFE prior to entering high school including the creation of a Project Portfolio using Google Sites and more.  If you are thinking of using portfolios for students with Google Sites or you already are, please come in and join this presentation and collaborative conversation as there will be opportunities for questions and sharing/input.


  • Suggested audience: Educators, people who support educator, students
  • Prior experience or knowledge: Beginners new to this topic


  • Time: 7pm Eastern
  • Session hashtag: : #gafeportfolios
  • Conference hashtag: #eduonair

Allison Mollica
Instructional Technology Facilitator, New Hampshire, USA


  • To watch the live stream of this session, visit Allison's Google+ Page at 7pm Eastern May 2nd.
  • The live stream will appear as a black box with the word "Hangouts" on it (as in the screenshot of slide 5 here). Double click the black box to start watching the video.
  • Open Allison's Google+ Page in two windows.  On one page you can watch the live stream and in the other you can type in your comments.
  • To ask Allison questions during the Hangout, post them into the "comments" section below the live stream.
  • You can add this event to your calendar.