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Google Forms for Everything

Session Description

Google Forms For Everything

With Google Forms you can create free, online surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, registration forms, and many more data collection tools. Learn how to create forms with many types of questions, share forms with others, collect data, and analyze and use the results. See practical examples of how we have used Google Forms in our district including online quizzes, computer lab reservations, parent email address collection, student registration, community surveys, technology request forms, data collection for science experiments, and more.

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  • Suggested audience: Anyone
  • Prior experience or knowledge: Beginners (new to this topic)


  • Time: 3pm Eastern
  • Session hashtag: : #formsforall
  • Conference hashtag: #eduonair

Eric Curts
Technology Director, Ohio


  • To watch the live stream of this session, visit Eric's Google+ Page at 3pm Eastern May 2nd.
  • The live stream will appear as a black box with the word "Hangouts" on it (as in the screenshot of slide 5 here). Double click the black box to start watching the video.
  • Open Eric's Google+ Page in two windows.  On one page you can watch the live stream and in the other you can type in your comments.
  • To ask Eric questions during the Hangout, post them into the "comments" section below the live stream. Please note you need to refresh the page manually to see new comments.
  • You can add this event to your calendar.