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Gmail: The Heart of Your Digital Life

Session Description

Gmail: The Heart Of Your Digital Life

Social media messages, SMS messages, voicemails, and all of your email accounts have traditionally been split across multiple services and devices. This can hinder productivity and make management of your online presence difficult.

Google to the rescue! Using a combination of Gmail and Google Voice you can turn your inbox into the heart of your digital life. During this session, we will discuss how with just a few clicks of your mouse your voicemails, SMS messages, email accounts, and even your Facebook and Twitter updates can be magically added to Gmail. Get ready to take your inbox to a whole new level and become more productive AND Googely with Gmail and Google Voice!


  • Suggested audience: Anyone
  • Prior experience or knowledge: Intermediate (have some familiarity with Gmail)


  • Time: 5pm Eastern
  • Session hashtag: : #gmailhub
  • Conference hashtag: #eduonair

Sean Beavers
Technical Consultant, Ohio, USA


  • To watch the live stream of this session, visit Sean's Google+ Page at 5pm Eastern May 2nd.
  • The live stream will appear as a black box with the word "Hangouts" on it (as in the screenshot of slide 5 here). Double click the black box to start watching the video.
  • Open Sean's' Google+ Page in two windows.  On one page you can watch the live stream and in the other you can type in your comments.
  • To ask Sean questions during the Hangout, post them into the "comments" section below the live stream. Please note you need to refresh the page manually to see new comments.
  • You can add this event to your calendar.