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Teachers as Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Session Description

Teachers As Innovators and Entrepreneurs

In this hangout, we will share how teachers and other educators can develop key innovation skills. The skills of empathy, unbundling and prototyping are core to becoming entrepreneurs.  In this interactive conversation representatives from 4.0 Schools will convene with their partner companies, including StartUpWeekend NYCEDU's top 3 winners Classroom BlueprintDash and Kinobi.   Also joining the hangout will be representatives from successful EdTech startup Kickboard, and new charter school Bricolage Academy.  

Our goal is that all who join leave inspired to start their own venture and with a clear idea of where to begin. 


  • Suggested audience: Anyone
  • Prior experience or knowledge: N/A


  • Time: 5pm Eastern
  • Conference hashtag: #eduonair

Josh Densen
Founder, Bricolage Academy, New Orleans, USA