Hey guys, just letting you all know that I'm on the process of setting up a bunch of new games, but it's just taking much longer than I expected, especially because I've been super busy lately. Just hang in there. We'll soon have every single game that NewStudyHall and Upgraded Gaming X have.
- Admin
- 4/18/12 9:35 AM EST

    I have some bad news that will also be good news. Keep reading. I have decided to stop working on the site for the month of February. There is a reason for this, however. I will spend this month forming a task force of volunteers to help me with the site. When I form this set of computer-wise individuals, the site will become infinitely more effecient, trustworthy, and overall useful. 
    For those of you who noticed the countdown to the "Dawning of a New Era," that's what this is all about. That is the day of the next game bundle, AND the day my volunteers begin helping with the site. So it really is the dawning of a new era for EGU.
    Also, if you are interested in becoming an EGU volunteer, please email me at We're gonna need all the help we can get.
- Admin
- 2/7/12 9:51 AM EST

    I regret to inform everyone that the drive where I kept all of the games for upcoming game bundles, has crashed. There will be no game bundle this week, and depending on how quickly I recover the files, possibly not one next week either. I understand that there has always been delays in game bundles, and I cannot express how sorry I am for this. But the simple truth is, this is a much smaller operation than a lot of you realize. I am but one person. running the whole thing from a worthless-piece-of-crap school computer, and I can only do so much.
    So I have an idea. I'd like to hire a second person. There would be no pay (at least, not until I set up advertisements), and you wouldn't really get anything out of it. I'm just looking for a volunteer. I might even need two volunteers. I don't get anything out of this site, I just run it as a hobby, so I'm looking for someone else to do the same. If you're interested, email me at
    One last thing: I've decided to make the game bundles on the first Saturday of every month, as opposed to every other Saturday. This may sound disapointing at first, but think about it like this: I've only done one a month, because they always get delayed for whatever reason. So now it will be the same way it always has been, just without the disapointment of delayed game bundles. This will start on the first Saturday in February (or maybe the second, depending on when I can recover my files).
I'd like to thank everyone so much for their support, and trust me, the site will improve.
- Admin
- 1/27/12 8:59 AM EST

    Yesterday, I participated in National Blackout Day. This was an internet-wide protest of the two harmful government bills which are being proposed (SOPA and PIPA). These bills, if passed, would be harmful, and endanger the principles of free internet. PIPA will be voted on next Tuesday, and if it is passed, I may have to shut down this site... for good. It's not something I want to do, but I may have to in the near future. The scary thing about these bills is this cold, hard, fact: More congressmen are supporting this than are opposing it. I plan to keep this site up and running for as long as possible, but we may be mourning the free internet in the near future. The internet would descend into... well at the risk of sounding corny, the internet would descend into chaos. Sites would appear and disappear at random. Everything would be a government controlled mess.
    The part that bugs me the most about these acts, as that they wouldn't even work. We wouldn't prevent piracy, we would just force the "pirates" to start over from a different address.
Remember, this threat is real.
- 1/19/12 9:13 AM EST

The first game bundle of the year was just finished. There were 66 games involved, which brings the grand total of games to 409. To see the whole list of games that were uploaded as a part of the game bundle, you can see the list here. The next game bundle is schedueled for January the 28th, which is three weeks away as opposed to two as usual. This is because if I set it to only be two weeks, the next game bundle would be schedueled for January 21st, which just happens to be my birthday. I'd rather not be doing this on my birthday. I plan on spending the extra time in between organizing the categories, paid advertizements, and hopefully, the gaming competitions. ;) I'm really looking forward to all the cool things I have lined up for this site.
I'd like to take this oppurtunity to advise EVERYONE who doesn't already know about them to read up on the Magic Link Feature. You can do this here.
One More Thing. If there's a game that's on another site, especially Upgraded Gaming or Newstudyhall, email me or let me know in the comment section below. In most cases, I can steal the games from those sites. ;)
- Thanks, and as always, Happy Gaming! 
- 1/10/12 2:39 PM EST

At the moment, I have not added actual ads to the site. However, you may have noticed that on just about any page, there are adverts for something called Points2shop. Points2shop is a very cool online service which allows you to take surveys, play games, or even just watch videos, all for points. You can use these points to buy absolutely anything that you see on The best part is, if you click on one of the ads for points2shop on this site, I get money, so your supporting the site.
-1/2/12 4:58 PM EST

To make up for the Christmas Eve Game Bundle, I just added 16 games today. Among them are the entire IndestructoTank series, Casualty, Ultimate Flash Sonic, and Shift 1, 2, and 3. To see all of the games I uploaded today, check out the Update Log.
-1/2/12 4:58 PM EST

How was everybody's winter break? I spent the entire thing playing Flash Trek: Broken Mirror, watching Star Trek: Next Generation, and eating hot pockets. The perfect winter break in my opinion. I got a ton of cool stuff for xmas, and so yeah. How was all of you guys' winter break? Let me know in the comment section.
Oh yeah, and for those of you who noticed that I didn't do anything for the "Christmas Eve Bundle," I'm sorry (not really). Those of you who know me in person know that I'm too lazy to do any actual work over winter break :P. Don't worry though. I know for a fact that in about 2 or 3 game bundles, I'll have more games than Upgraded Gaming X. I already know this because I already have those games. I just have to sort through them before they are uploaded to the site.
Oh yeah, and happy 2012, I guess...
-1/1/12 5:29 PM EST

Our first game bundle is FINALLY FINISHED!! You may see the list of the games in this bundle here. Enjoy the new games!
-12/14/11 3:09 PM EST

This weekends Game Bundle contains 106 games. Due to it's immense size, I am still working on it. Please have patience. I will release a list of all of the new games when it is finished.
-12/12/11 9:18 AM EST

So, I'm sitting here, making the final preperations for Saturday's Game Bundle, and I'm thinking to myself "Hey, what if I started game competitions from the site." I sat there and thought about it a little more about and a few ideas mulled around in my head. I'm thinking about doing competitions every week, each time with a different game. Like for instance, one week, the game could be "Double wires." So everyone would go and play Double Wires, and once they get a score they like, they could take a snapshot of their score, and email it to a seperate email just for the competitions. The only thing is, I would need to come up with some sort of prize, preferably a non-monetary one. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below! Peace!
- 12/9/11 9:44 PM EST

You may have noticed the category pages over to the side. Please ignore these for the time being, as they are still a work in progress. I expect to finish them in 1-2 weeks. Thanks!
- 12/6/11 2:14 PM EST

Take THAT Upgraded Gaming X!
LOL yeah... chatroom is here. (Or the link over to the left right above all the games). 
- 12/4/11 4:36 PM EST

I just put this here, so the hit number is not really all that accurate.