So I got enough emails similar to the statement above that I've decided to restart game contests on the website. The contest game for this week will be Copter. Here's how it will work:

1. You play whatever the contest game is for that week. IT MUST BE THROUGH THIS WEBSITE.
2. After you get a score you are comfortable with, leave it up.
3. Open a new notepad. In this notepad, type these three things:
- Your name (It can be a screen name, it doesn't have to be your real name)
- Your email
- The time and date.
4. Screenshot both your score and the notepad.
5. Email your screenshot to egucontests@gmail.com before 10-4-2013 at 11:59PM
6. The following Monday, I will announce the contest winners!

Here's an example screenshot:

Happy gaming!

- Dej
9/30/2013 3:02 PM EST

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Ah Ah ah yeah we're staying alive, for the most part. I've been relatively lazy, so I'll attempt to fix that.
9/21/2013 8:39 AM EST

Well I've been busy to say the least, that and my old computer has decided to crash and I have just built myself a new one. Senioritis is killing me though.
Questions, Comments or just want to talk?
I'm not here to eat anyone so feel free to email me at gamesunlimited.edu@gmail.com or at Ezra.edugames@gmail.com


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