Parent Night

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2018 Special Evening for Parents, Administrators, and Counselors, and Others Who Wish to Attend

  Tuesday, July 24th-6:00-7:30 p.m

Growing Courageous, Efficacious Kids Who Can Advocate for Themselves

Margo Long
Whitworth University
Spokane, Washington

The foundation of development and learning for students who display gifts and talents include both the social and emotional. This parent session focuses on using strategies and creating psychological safe environments that foster positive and productive learning for your children.  The result is children who understand resiliency, grit, tenacity and courage based on solid decision making, good choices and ethical values.



Associate Professor Emeritus, Margo Long served as an Associate Professor of Education and supervisor of secondary-level education students for the School of Education at Whitworth University. She founded and directed the Center for Gifted Education & Professional Development. Margo's specialty areas are issues of gifted education and principles of instruction. She also emphasizes teaching creative problem solving, communication and learning styles. As an educational consultant and training instructor in the Pacific Northwest, Margo's repertoire includes keynote addresses to school districts, education groups and gifted education organizations, as well as workshops and training sessions for the teaching and health professions and the business sector. Some of her recent classes and presentations include Teaching the Underachiever, Strategies for Teaching Bright Children in the Regular Classroom, dealing productively with changes and choices, pathways to excellence, time/stress management, coping with the future.

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