Parent Night

2017 Special Evening for Parents, Administrators, and Counselors, and Others Who Wish to Attend

The Student at School is The Child at Home

  Jeff Danielian

                                                      Tuesday, July 25th-6:00-7:30 p.m.

Education is about understanding, not merely the knowledge related to a specific discipline or parental /educational strategy, but an understanding of the immense variation of our children's social, emotional, and educational backgrounds, which demand individualized acceptance and consideration. The development of higher order thinking skills and problem solving techniques, creativity training, and autonomous learning should serve as the foundation for the emergent and realized potential of the children we raise and the students we teach. Learn more about the strategies, practices, tools and resources available to parents and educators, while recognizing that a focus on interest and learning style can provide a wealth of experience. 

Jeff Danielian is the Director of the La Salle Scholars Program in Providence, Rhode Island. He received his Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Connecticut and currently holds the position of Teacher Resource Specialist for The National Association for Gifted Children, working from his Rhode Island home base on many exciting projects, including being editor-in-chief of Teaching for High Potential (THP) and writing the monthly blog, The Teacher's Corner. Jeff is the author of Enriching the Young Naturalist, The Young Adult Book Contest, and co-author of The Reel Classroom, all published by Prufrock Press. He is currently co-editing a book 

Parent Night Registration 

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_____ $15 Parent, Administrator, Counselor Night 

_____ $10 Second parent to attend Parent Night (interest in same child)

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