Up to three Continuing Education credits through Boise State University or Northwest Nazarene University are available during Edufest for an additional cost.

Credit registration and payment are only accepted during the week of Edufest.

Washington Clock Hours are also available free of charge to Edufest participants.  Information will be provided on the first day of Edufest.

Edufest Course Information

Instructor of Record: 

Jo Henderson;; 208-890-3658 – cell. 

Jo will be available near the University credit registration tables all week for your questions.

Course Registration times:

If you have registered for the Edufest Conference, you may also register at Edufest for Professional Development course credit through Boise State University OR Northwest Nazarene University. Course fees are the same for both universities ($80 per credit hour).  Boise State University and Northwest Nazarene University will be available to assist you with registration for your course from Monday morning through noon on Tuesday of Edufest week.  You must register for your selected course by TUESDAY, July 25 at Noon.

If you are enrolled in a BSU Masters Program and wish to take Edufest courses for Graduate Academic Credit, you must contact Jo Henderson ( for a permission number, prior to July 24 in order to register for a class.


You may register for one of seven courses that are offered through Edufest. 

You may choose from five 3-credit courses and two 1-credit courses.  Please note due dates for assignments for each course--

--Foundations of Gifted and Talented Education – 3 credits (graded) 

--Curriculum Adaptations for Gifted and Talented Students  – 3 credits (graded) 

--Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills – 3 credits (graded) 

--Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted and Talented Learners – 3 credits (graded) 

--Topics in Gifted and Talented Education – 3 credits (pass/fail) 

--Gifted and Talented Learning Project Options – 1 credit (pass/fail) 

--Gifted and Talented Learning Teams – 1 credit (pass/fail) 

 (Each of these courses is applicable to the Idaho GT Endorsement.)


You must attend all sessions----- including special topics sessions and lunch and dinner discussions--- if you are registered for a three-credit course.  Part of your final assignment for each of these classes is a log of your attendance, including a summary and reflection of each session, each day, including lunch and dinner partners and topics throughout the week.  A total of 22 entries are required for this log.

Specific Strands for Specific Courses:  

You will note in your Edufest program that specific strands at Edufest are designated as applicable to different courses.  You must choose strands that are related to the particular course in which you enroll.  


Please obtain the syllabus for your class from either BSU or NNU at their respective registration tables.  The syllabus will outline course requirements and assignments.  These requirements are different for each class.

Grade Reporting: 

Please realize that grades will not be sent to the university for 5 or 6 days after the due dates for assignments. It will then take another 3 or 4 days for your grade to be posted. If you need a transcript in order to advance on your district’s salary schedule at an earlier date, you must speak with the University representative when you register. A special section of the class will be created for you with an earlier due date for assignments.


Please submit assignments to Jo Henderson as attachments to an email – PLEASE SUBMIT ALL COMPONENTS OF YOUR ASSIGNMENTS AT ONE TIME. If you are unable to email your assignments, you may mail them to: Jo Henderson, 6324 Randolph Dr., Boise, ID 83709. The assignments will not be returned to you, unless you send a self-addressed, postage paid envelope for the return.

Format:  Please create your assignments in Microsoft Word, or Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, or Keynote as appropriate. Please include your name, course name and number and the name of the university with which you are registered on your attached assignment(s).

For information on APA Style, refer to OWL – Purdue University Online Writing Lab -

Grading Rubric, Lesson Plan Format and Edufest Log Format:

These documents are available at the course registration tables, if you are interested. You may use your own lesson plan format, however it is expected that you include the lesson plan components that are listed on the sample lesson plan format.

“Modification for Gifted Students’ Needs”:

If you complete lesson plans as part of your assignment, the lesson plans must reflect modification for learner need----- you need to show ascending intellectual demand for gifted students. It is not good enough just to say “gifted students can take this further by…..” Your lesson plan needs to reflect the specific, high-level, differentiated activities for gifted students.