About Edufest

Edufest is the Northwest’s premier summer conference on gifted and talented education. Keynotes, Institutes, Strands, and Special Topic presentations are by internationally and nationally recognized experts in the field of gifted and talented education. Topics focus on the 21st Century Learning, Common Core, Differentiation, STEM and Creativity. 

Along with learning about gifted children’s unique characteristics and ways to address their distinct educational, social and emotional needs, participants will also discover many meaningful, energizing, and fun ways to differentiate for children of all ability levels. There are sessions about learning and teaching strategies for implementing the Core Subjects and the Essential Skills, including assessment, curriculum and instruction, professional development and learning environments for gifted and advanced students. Targeted audiences include K-12 teachers, parents, counselors, special education teachers, administrators, and gifted education coordinators.  University credit is available through Boise State University and Northwest Nazarene University.

Edufest is a week-long summer education conference held on the second floor of the Student Union Building at Boise State University, Boise Idaho.  This will be the 21st year for Edufest.   Edufest is a non-profit education entity. Board of directors are: Jann Leppien- Program Director, Sherrie Bosserman- Site Coordinator, Lisa Morgan- Registrar, Tina Powell- Treasurer, Jo Henderson- Instructor of Record for University Credit, Del Siegle- Board Members, Nancy Gregory and Therese Clifford.   

What past participants are saying:  

“For the past two years that I have attended Edufest, I have come to realize how vital it is for me as an educator to keep coming to this special week. The knowledge I gain is invaluable. Nowhere else do I get exposed to current trends in education, new methods for keeping my classroom exciting for students, and information to keep me growing both as a teacher and as a person. I am looking forward to next year.”   

“Edufest really knocked my socks off!  It was such a powerful week.” 

“I feel that I have been given a huge dose of motivation in the form of renewed energy and passion for teaching.  Edufest definitely has impacted my thinking and beliefs about teaching and the absolute need to differentiate and create lessons that incorporate higher level thinking skills.”

“I am very impressed by the quality of presenters at Edufest.  I have not attended a conference at which presenters were so knowledgeable and demonstrated such good teaching techniques themselves. I hope to return to Edufest to inspire me to give the best and most appropriate educational opportunities to all kids.”

“EduFest was an informative and inspiring week.  I was informed about the latest research for best practices regarding gifted students and all students.  I was informed about methods for helping reluctant learners and for encouraging students to delve into their areas of interest.  I received inspiring lessons in art, drama, questioning, motivating students who had previously displayed a lack of interest, and in working with students to help them reach their full potential. 

EduFest is a real treasure for Boise for all of these reasons.  These are just some of the reasons I will plan on returning again and again.”

“I enjoyed Edufest so much and can't wait to go to it next year!”

“I am always so excited to come to Boise for Edufest. I am amazed with all of the knowledge that I gain from this conference. I am a regular 4th grade classroom teacher and I enjoy coming and getting ideas for all of my students.  I always have a positive experience while attending this conference and this year was no exception to that.”

“This has been a wonderful learning experience.  It was mentally challenging, and increased my awareness and understanding of the gifted students in my class. While I learned a lot – there were many seminars I would have loved to go to.  I was amazed at the connections I made between sessions and presenters that reinforced my learning.  As I mentioned earlier, I love to learn and Edufest is a great opportunity for that. I really found in each session – not only ways to meet the needs of my gifted kids, but all of the kids in my class.  It reminded me that teaching is about reaching out to each of the students in my class – where they come in at, and moving them to the next level.  Now I can honestly challenge my gifted students.  Thank you for the resources!”

“I have to say that I teach in the traditional classroom.  I do not have a GT endorsement; however, I strive each day to insure that all of my students grow in their learning and excitement of learning.  This conference allowed me to obtain resources that will help me continue to reach all students, especially those that are advanced learners but who don’t necessarily qualify under the GT parameters.  I also currently teach kindergarten and get a plethora of student levels in my classes.  Being able to tap into resources to continue to push those students who will eventually be in GT classes while they are at this early developmental stage is invaluable.  I appreciated all of the information that will continue to help me develop my students on a daily basis!”