The term educology means the fund of knowledge about the educational process. Educology consists of discourse about education. The discourse is made up of warranted assertions, valid explanatory theories and sound justificatory arguments about the educational process. This conception of educology derives from the common usage of the term by educologists in articles, journals and books published since the 1950s.

Deep Mapping

What would a deep-mapping  ecological scan of your school's learning environment(s) show?

1. Would it reveal itself as a physical environment conducive to growth and adaptation?

2. Would it reveal biotic factors (the people) in your school relating and connecting to each other in healthy ways?

3. Would it reveal an environment properly resourced and in symbiosis with the greater ecological context?

4. Would it reveal an ecosystem properly situated to accept technologies and all types of students as accepted invading species?

Social Networking

Analyzing the social environment of your school's ecosystem is often a key starting point. Where do the nodes of influence lie among your people? Where is your "revolutionary cohort"? How are "invasive species" faring? Where are those resistant to change? What drives each group? How do they connect? How does information flow? Who's practice influences who's practice?

We hope to build a partnership with educators around the world to help map these factors in a way which helps innovation rush forward.