Educology Partners


If your goal is nothing more than "better test scores" or you are seeking typical professional development, the concept of Educology Partners is not for you.

But if you seek to see the idea of "learning spaces" in new ways, if you hope to envision the kind of learning environment which prepares students for their century, we might be one of the tools you need.


Learning how to dream big again, how to consider the learning environment from a "blank page," how to pursue our grandest visions for our children, how to think beyond the traditional roles of educators and imagine a true, collaborative learning community.

Open sharing of ideas, resources, actions. And a commitment to a belief in childhood and the natural art of learning..


We ask you to "dream big," to "dream huge," to imagine a completely re-made educational environment.

But we encourage you to "work small," to begin with seed projects which leverage the resources you have, facilities, faculty, administrative, community, to begin to build your unique ecosystem.

We do not think human systems can be successfully "scaled up," rather we work to learn to "scale across," to make every unique educational space the very best it can be.


We want to create true human learning communities which expand the options for students rather than limiting them, which open global possibilities instead of "teaching to a common denominator," which develop all in a "school" into active learners and active leaders.

This isn't about huge costs. It isn't about a system we deliver. It is a concept of helping you channel your resources to make the future possible.

about us

We use Louis Sullivan's "growth of the seed germ" imagery as our backdrop. Sullivan, the teacher of Frank Lloyd Wright, and the inspiration for the entire modern architecture movement, believed that growth from a seed into uniqueness was the essence of humanness. Ira David Socol (who imagines an open source intellectual community supporting open education) first came across the set of Sullivan's Architectural Ornament Plates, and his thoughts on natural growth, in a book on a back shelf of Pratt Institute's Library in Brooklyn, New York. All interested in our educational future are invited to participate in the Educology Partners community. We will share and engage with holistic thinking about educational environments, and we will support beliefs in the natural wonders of childhood and learning, which Sullivan's designs softly reference.