Week 2

January 17-23, 2016
This week, we will:
  • Discuss the concepts of copyright and fair use
  • Explore public domain and Creative Commons licensed media
  • Write attribution lines for Creative Commons resources
  • Discuss best practices in using digital resources (images, video, websites, blogs, audio, etc.) in the classroom
  • Meet each other in a Google Hangout and discuss how these concepts apply to our individual teaching contexts
The estimated time each task will take depends, of course, on the time you have available to devote to it, your current level of expertise, and how deeply you want to explore any given topic.


1. Fair Use (15-30 minutes)

Fair Use is a doctrine in US copyright law allowing educators (and some others) to use copyrighted materials without asking permission in some situations. Does your country have a similar concept?

  • If you are not teaching in the USA, scan the article or video below for a general idea of Fair Use, and then do some research into your own country's laws. How has your government addressed the use of copyrighted materials in educational settings? Summarize your findings in our Week 2 Discussion, and please share any helpful sites on the Resources page.

  • If you are teaching in the USA, read the following article OR watch the video about Fair use:

2. Creative Commons (5-10 minutes)
Creative Commons licenses offer "some rights reserved" copyright options that don't require users to ask for permission.

Review the infographic about Creative Commons copyright licenses, explore the website, read the article, or watch the video to find out more:

Creative Commons

3. Search & Attribute (10-30 minutes)
Search Creative Commons or one of these other search tools for material you can use without permission (public domain or CC). When you find something you like, link to it on our Google+ Community and practice writing an attribution line.

4. Reflect & Discuss (a few minutes here and there)
    • Post your reflections and questions about the readings/videos on our Google+ page
    • Respond to others' questions
    • Participate in polls and discussions regarding best practices for using digital resources

5. Hangout (30-60 minutes)
How do the concepts covered so far apply to your own teaching context? Can you share any examples of practices you may need to change in light of what you've discovered this week? Join us in Google Hangout On Air.

If you can't make it, you can watch the recording.

After completing these tasks, you should be able to:

  • Recognize when use of copyrighted materials is likely or unlikely to be considered "fair use"
  • Find Creative Commons and public domain resources 
  • Use and attribute free resources appropriately