2015 Community Events featuring Google for Education
Want to plan a Summit featuring Google for Education? Here's how to get started:
  1. Review the Best Practices and Expectations links under the "Summits" tab.
  2. If your event meets the minimum requirements, officially register it as a Summit by filling out this form.
  3. A member of the Google for Education team will be in touch to coordinate next steps.

Our branding has changed! 
Please name your Summit in accordance with the below guidelines. A member of the Google for Education team will custom-create a logo for you after you register your event. 

Note: You cannot use any other Google logos in association with your Summit branding. 

What is a Summit?
A Google for Education Summit is an open 1-2 day event primarily focused on Google Apps for Education, but can also cover additional Google products like Google Earth, YouTube for Schools, Google Search, etc. These are events organized by members of the Google Apps for Education community for members of the community.

June 2 - 3

Lafayette Summit
Lafayette, Lousiana
Primary Contact: Lanie Gordon

June 10 - 11
SC Midlands Summit
Columbia, South Carolina
Primary Contact: Donna Teuber

June 13 - 14
Connecticut Summit
West Hartford, Connecticut
Primary Contact: Marek Beck

June 15 - 16
Rogers Cloud Camp Summit
Rogers, Arkansas
Primary Contact: Melvona Ahart

June 22 - 23
Westborough Summit
Phillipsburg, New Jersey 
Primary Contact: Lanie Gordon

June 26 - 27
South Dakota Summit
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Primary Contact: Mark Wagner

July 14 - 15
Ramsey Summit
Ramsey, New Jersey 
Primary Contact: Lanie Gordon

July 22 - 23
New Hampshire Summit
Derry, New Hampshire
Primary Contact: Jennifer Lowton

July 28 - 29
Glendale Summit
Glendale, California
Primary Contact: Lanie Gordon

July 29
Iowa Summit
Marshalltown, Iowa
Primary Contact: Kay Schmalen

August 5 - 6
Jacksonville Summit
Jacksonville, Alabama
Primary Contact: Lanie Gordon

August 12
Washington Summit
Vancouver, Washington
Primary Contact: Kristina Wambold

August 24 - 25
Greater Egg Harbor Summit
Galloway, New Jersey
Primary Contact: Lanie Gordon

September 26
Westborough Summit
Westborough, Massachusetts 
Primary Contact: Lanie Gordon

September 26 - 27
Washington Summit
Buckley, Washington
Primary Contact: Dan Taylor

September 28 - 29
CUE Learning Revolution Online Summit
Primary Contact: Mike Lawrence

October 10 
Missouri Summit
St. Louis, MO
Primary Contact: Greg Lawrence