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  • Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro


    Great For Special Occasions

    Education By Entertainment Programs:

    • Improve Job Performance & Business Results
    • Educate
    • Entertain
    Participants Will:
    • Learn Useful Information that is Easy to:
      • Apply at Work, at School and at Home
      • Remember for a Very Long Time
    • Have More Fun Than at a Typical Party
    • Talk About the Event for Years to Come

    Education By Entertainment Programs

     Are Perfect For Honoring Very Special People:
    • Business and Professional Organization Events:
      • Appreciation for Special Accomplishment
      • Career Development Programs
      • Customer Service Training
      • Kickoffs For New Quarters, Years or Initiatives
      • Management and Leadership Development
      • New Employee Orientation
      • Outstanding Performance Recognition
      • Promotion Celebration
      • Service Anniversary
      • Teamwork Recognition and Training
    • School and Youth Group Programs:
      • Beginning or End of the Semester
      • Career Preparation
      • Fund Raiser
      • Graduation or Promotion
      • Honoring a Very Special Leader or Friend
      • Leadership Development
      • Orientation
      • Personal Development
      • Recognizing an Accomplishment
      • Reunion
    • Personal Celebrations:
      • Achieving a Personal Goal
      • Birthday (or Thousand Day Birthday)
      • Engagement or Anniversary
      • Graduation
      • New Year
      • Promotion
      • Special Celebration (or Reunion)
      • Surprise¬†
      • Thanking a Friend for Orchestrating a Very Special Event for You!!!