Virtual Conferencing

WiZiQ - is a place where you can teach and learn using an easy-to-use Virtual Classroom. You are welcome to give private and public live online sessions, teach for free or earn money teaching. As a learner you can attend public sessions on various topics from academics to anything under the sun.

SnapEngage - The private video discussion solution for the enterprise."the perfect collaboration tool enabling virtual teams to communicate effectively through video and across timezones" Timzon is currently in beta and is available for Google apps and Google Gmail users.

Dimdim - lets you deliver synchronised live presentations, whiteboards and web pages while sharing voice and video over the Internet, with no download required.

TheFlashMeetingProject - Allows a dispersed group of people to meet from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Assemb'Live - makes large group events easy, using VoIP and a 3D environment, directly in a web browser.

Fuze Meeting - is a Web Conferencing tool that allows you to conduct Online Meetings rather than travel to far off places. It's the easiest and most cost-effective way to hold Online Meetings, period.

tgethr - An easy collaboration tool for your group, Perfect for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and families Tgethr is the best way to communicate with your small group.

Teambox - A place for your team. Share messages, tasks and pages. Collaborate freely. For free. Collaborate online or download the latest open source version.

AllPlay Web - software to make webinars more interactive, engaging and measurable.  It allows facilitators to insert quiz and survey questions--in either a game show or poll format--into their webinars.

HootCourse - A HootCourse is an online classroom. And then some. Instead of cumbersome forums or complicated lesson-plan formats, HootCourse uses a combination of the most popular social networks and blogging platforms to provide a new type of online classroom.

LifeSize - a division of Logitech, delivers "high definition video communications products that provide a productive, true-to-life experience".