There are two essential questions that need to be addressed if teachers and prospective teachers are to effectively use technology in schools and classrooms:
  1. What do we mean by the “21st century classroom?” There are a variety of answers to this question, but few get at the transformation in teaching and learning that can be brought about by the shifts that are happening in our world today.
  2. How do we apply technology tools in ways so that we can more easily achieve meaningful teaching and learning in the 21st century? Our focus on technology in education rarely gets beyond the dimension of technical skill. Education professionals must have additional skills to be able to evaluate emerging and ever-evolving technology tools and determine how they will meet the needs of the 21st century learner.

 Together we will focus our work in this course on developing some answers to these questions.


  1. Experience a learning environment that models the necessary conditions for the most effective integration of content and technology.
  2. Collaboratively develop a repository of knowledge (the Learning Commons) to assist you during and beyond this course as you integrate technology into your own teaching and learning.
  3. Experience a wide variety of technology tools and their educational applications in the classroom.


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