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Here you will find three separate pages: (1) Home (2) 2016 Section A16, and (3) Examples from 2014. The file cabinet is shared so you can jointly access articles but the pages for each class are not shared. On this Home page (scroll down) there are many helpful hints for job hunting. We will review these since they are a very important framework for your assignments which are designed to facilitate your employability as a teacher.

Please email me if you have ideas, problems, or questions. I will be glad to help. - K. Smith  karen.smith@umanitoba.ca

Interview News:
The Guardian: Article about the top ten questions teacher candidates are asked.
The long list from University of Delaware: Questions asked of teachers in interviews.
Education Canada offers possible questions (another long list) asked during teacher interviews. Other tips are offered here, too. 

Tech News:
OSMO - a new app for iPad. Interactive. See video.
How do you cite Kindle books using APA ?  See comment.