Papers in Portuguese:

Op-Eds in Portuguese:

O custo da incerteza. Valor Econômico, 25/03/2015.

Inflação sem rótulo (with Carlos Viana de Carvalho e Tiago Couto Berriel). Valor Econômico, 01/03/2013.

Investimento público e o ciclo econômico (with Julio Mereb). Valor Econômico, 27/01/2013.

Some pieces written in Portuguese before my Ph.D. studies:

Comments (written with Márcio G. P. Garcia) on Professor Cardim's article on monetary theory and policy. Published at Econômica, December 2004.

Link to my master thesis on the relationship between crime and savings. March 2006.

Link to my senior thesis on the effects of inequality on growth, which was awarded 1st place in the IPEA 40 ANOS prize, 2004.