About Me

In this section you will learn where I come from and some interesting points of my background. I was born in the beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico in January 29, 1985. Ever since I have lived there although I have done some traveling to the continental U.S. (Tennessee, Colorado, Florida, Texas, Atlanta, Washington D.C.). I invite you to take some time and explore the tropical island where you will find exotic hideaways, white sandy beaches, mountains and valleys, and other wonders of nature.
I consider myself to have a great intuitive mind and great logic perception of abstractness, if it makes any sense, which I believe is good for science and engineering. Would like to specialize in computer engineering and being able to develop new technology that would make life easier but that will not diminish our minds. Some people may think I am kind of crazy, which I would say I thank them all, I like to be unique and not be normal. Love to hear a great variety of music, love to travel, play sports, and enjoy nature.
During my undergraduate and graduate studies I had the opportunity of interning at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, where I collaborated with research groups. One research consists of assessing precipitation data between model simulation and reanalysis-based observations. Another research is to design a test suite for an algorithm which computes the low energy physics of strongly correlated electron systems. The current research emphasizes in developing methods for optimizing asynchronous computing using the NVIDIA's powerful many-core graphics processing units and the CUDA framework. I prove my competence in mathematics and computational science to aid in the development of solutions for the problems and at the same time it makes me realize which path I want to take in life.
In 2010 I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. Currently I am in the process of obtaining a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the same institution. Knowing my great interest in research and my experiences at Oak Ridge National Laboratory my plan is to get a job at some point in a similar facility and enroll in college in search of a doctoral degree. During that time I plan to acquire professorate-type skills and experiences which will help me transmit my ideas and results clearly to others. These ideas will be transmitted by publishing papers, presentations at conferences, personal discussions, and internet. In the long term, I want to improve practicality and applicability in an area of study where scientific computing is applied. Technology still has a lot of areas where it can improve life and at the same time make us understand life more.