Technology,Good or Bad?

  How safe is ones child’s internet environment? The internet is a great learning and an interactive tool for children however; parents and teachers need to make sure that their children and students are aware of the dangers of the improper uses of the internet. This can be achieved by teachers creating lesson plans that are designed specifically to promote cyber safety, and as well as to make children aware of the dangers of cyber predators, cyber bullying, identity safety, inappropriate content, piracy and plagiarism, and social networks. In addition, parents can promote cyber safety by using a variety of techniques. For instance, parents can monitor the websites that their children go onto, and they can also teach their children what information they can and cannot share with others. Such information may include; their full name, street address, telephone numbers, etc). In the end, it is up to the adults (i.e.: parents and educators) to help promote cyber safety, so that children will not have to face the dangers of improper internet use.  

Cyber Bullying Statistics
  • 42% of kids have been bullied while online. 1 in 4 have had it happen more than once.
  • 35% of kids have been threatened online. Nearly 1 in 5 have had it happen more than once.
  • 21% of kids have received mean or threatening e-mail or other messages.
  • 58% of kids admit someone has said mean or hurtful things to them online. More than 4 out of 10 say it has happened more than once.
  • 53% of kids admit having said something mean or hurtful to another person online. More than 1 in 3 have done it more than once.
  • 58% have not told their parents or an adult about something mean or hurtful that happened to them online.