This site shares the work done by the LINCS Online Tools and Resources Evaluation Micro Group. The goals of the work were to:

  • Collaboratively create a common evaluation process and form for assessing online tools or resources for adult education teachers and tutors.
  • Evaluate online tools and resources.
  • Establish a means for the adult education teachers and tutors to easily access the published results of the micro-group: the assessment tool, a comprehensive list of online tools suitable for adult basic skills teaching and learning, and reviews of the tools
The work started in January 2016 and ended in July 2016. 

Link to resources for evaluators
  • The resources to review should come from our Diigo list.

  • For convenience, I have this all updated in our evaluation form here with a drop down selection for resource name.

  • If you are unsure what resources have been evaluated already, you can always check out our data sheet here. In column C you will find all of the resources already evaluated. We need at least 2 evaluations for each resource, but please try to limit the max number of evaluations for any one resource to 4 people. I will update things so we have a quick and easy chart of available resources to evaluate hopefully this week. 

  • If you have other resources you wish to add to Diigo, please do so (remember to use the category names indicated the by the lower case letters we have in this document for tags). Unfortunately, I can not have the evaluation form update automatically, so you may want to wait a day to get to that. I get an automatic email when a diigo resource is added. 

Chart 1

To view finished work, please click on "CATEGORIES" in the side panel. Feedback is appreciated and can be shared with Ed Latham (, Micro Group Facilitator.