Personal Learning Network

Connecting teachers to their most valuable resource ... each other!
~Discovery Education Network
What is a PLN?

    A PLN is a Personal Learning Network.  A PLN is a reciprocal network that you create to learn from, connect with, gather information or resources, create with and finally share what you have learned.  A PLN can occur in your school, face-to-face, online, at conferences or through reading, reflecting and sharing. 

The benefits of having a PLN?

Teaching can be a very isolating profession.  Having a PLN allows you to connect and share with other educators in your subject area.  Think of the Verizon network commercials ... your network is always there to support you, answering questions, inspiring you and encouraging your own learning.

It can take time to build up an active PLN - so don't get discouraged.  It takes time to build community - but once its established - you can benefit from the sharing.

Tell me about your PLN

Using the tools

On this website are various tools that you can use to build an online PLN:
Don't know where to start?  Check out Newbies ... Start Here!  Use the tool that is most comfortable and useful for you.  Don't forget to share what you are learning online with your own local community.  The combination of face-to-face sharing and online connections will encourage your own learning beyond what you ever thought possible.  Best of luck!