Using Social Media for Personalized Professional Development

Learn how having a PLN (personal learning network) can enhance your own learning and teaching. See how educators are using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Webinars, Skype and other online tools for their own personalized professional development and to connect with other technology-loving teachers and librarians.

Frank Smith writes in his book “The Book of Learning and Forgetting” that we learn from those around us and those with whom we identify ourselves with. Simply put, you learn from the company you keep. This type of learning is natural and long-term. We learn continuously and without noticeable effort.

Presentation Outline
  • Using Social Media for Personalized Professional Development
  • What is your greatest need?  How are you staying connected & current on what is happening in education today?
  • What is a PLN and why do I need one?
  • How to build a PLN using the following tools:
    • Blogs / Wikis
    • Social Networking - Nings, Facebook, LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Webinars - EdTechTalk, EdReacg
    • Social Bookmarking - Diigo, Delicious
    • Online Communities - Flickr, Pinterest
  • Small group discussion / hands on time
  • Questions