GAFE Introduction

This workshop is designed for GAFE teachers to understand the basics of Google Drive and Google Classroom. 


As a GAFE (Google Apps For Education) district, you have access to many Google products. The bonus is you receive an unlimited amount of storage space with these accounts and a secure environment for your school and students to work in together .

This workshop aims to give an overview of  the Google Drive that is associated with your school Gmail account, as well as an overview of Google Classroom. There is much more to learn about features and apps within GAFE, but hopefully this will jumpstart you into trying this powerful and free system with your co-workers and students.

Why go online?
There are advantages to utilizing student Google accounts in your class. Some are:
  • Saving paper/going paperless
  • All student work in one place
  • Clearly shows if a student handed something in
  • Time stamp on assignments (Google Classroom)
  • Students learn online file management and navigation, as well as practical online tools for the future
  • Easy to comment on work-in-progress and send back quickly for further edits
  • Students don't lose handouts, it's in their Drive
  • Students can work or access information any time, any place there is internet instead of waiting to ask a question.
  • Students can collaborate on one document in real time
  • Students can post questions and get answers from other students or teacher quickly (Google Classroom)


Features of Google's Chrome Browser

Watch to learn about features that are located on your Chrome browser front page.