FETC11 VoiceThread: Turn Up The Volume!

Justification for use in your classroom/school/district resources:

  • Administrators want to see how everything is tied to standards. Since VoiceThread may be integrated within all areas of the curriculum, it is difficult to assign standards specific to the use of  VoiceThread alone. Listed below are just a few standards that would easily be met by using VoiceThread in any lesson. Other standards would depend on additional content included. These standards are taken from the FL Sunshine State Standards however, similar standards can be found in most states. These should be sufficient to get you started in looking for similar ones.

    Information and Media Literacy

     - The student comprehends the wide array of informational text that is  part of our day to day experiences.

     - The student uses a systematic research process for the collection,  processing, and presentation of information.

     - The student develops and demonstrates an understanding of media  literacy as a life skill that is integral to informed decision making.

     - The student develops the essential technology skills for using and  understanding conventional and current tools, materials and processes.


     - The student engages in the writing process and writes to communicate  ideas and experiences.

     - The student effectively applies listening and speaking strategies.

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