BLC09: Top 10 + Free Tools or Teaching Standard Students (abbrv)

Our tests may be standardized, but our students are not! Differentiate learning with 10+ free online (and cellphone) tools you can use in your classroom tomorrow!

You have standards to teach and you have your standard teaching tools yet your students are anything but standard. Your students need to show gains so come and learn a few new things to meet their individual needs; like how to get them writing with comic creators. Teach study skills with an online/social list maker and social bookmarking. Teach your kids to think globally with some amazingly easy and free tools. Together we’ll explore 10+ free online tools you can use in your classroom tomorrow. Learn about video conversion tools, comic creators, online list makers, video-creating software, social bookmarking, web polls and more. Some of these you can use with your cell phone!

BLC09 Presentation:
  1. (writing prompts)
  2. XtraNormal (video/storytelling)
  3. Zamzar (digital conversion tool)
  4. PollEverywhere (online polls)
  5. Tada List (online and collaborative list sharing)
  6. PimPamPum/Bubblr (photo novels)
  7. Family-Mingle (literary family trees)
  8. (motivational posters)
  9. delicious (social bookmarking)
  10. Mywebspiration (social mind mapping)
  11. BookGlutton (discuss books online, chapter by chapter)
  12. Shelfari (create your own book discussions/groups)
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