Presentation Descriptions

So, You Want To Be a Blogger?

You can blog and so can your students. It seems like everyone is blogging these days. Come to this session to find out why blogging is so exciting and a great way to engage your students in authentic writing and publishing. We’ll look at some great examples of blogs and you’ll see how easy it is to get started. You’ll also learn how to get your young students blogging too. Come and share some best practices and get started blogging right away.

The Amazing Trace: Successfully Leveraging Online Conversations With Our Students

Easier said than done! There are lots of people who seem to be using online social technologies with their students, but in my recent experience as a 4th grade teacher, this has been easier said than done. Despite some pushback from fearful parents who are understandably concerned about online digital tracks, I’ve successfully created a class where my students have engaged with my and their own PLNs. This session will help you develop a PLN to bring to your classroom, leverage some tools to get your students actively involved and develop an understanding and respect for online privacy. This session will be part presentation and part conversation. Together, let us see if we can find some solutions for YOUR classroom. Excellent for beginners!

Connections, Conversations and Collaborations: Creating a PLN That Works For You

Thanks to the fast changing pace of the tools on the Internet, learners are taking control of their learning environment for the first time in history. As teachers, we can now choose when and from whom we want to learn. Social networks can be synchronous or asynchronous and all allow us to connect with each other. In this session, we’ll discuss some of those tools and ways to reach out and build our own Personal Learning Network environments.

All That Jazz: Jazz Up Your PLN

This was a shortened version of Connections, Conversations and Collaborations: Creating a PLN That Works For You

VoiceThread: Can You Hear Me Now?

The Internet has progressed far beyond what we’ve been calling the “Read/Write Web.” Most of the advanced applications now have interactive features that are sure to engage your students! VoiceThread is a free Web 2.0 application that allows users to have web-based conversations around digital media using text, a video camera, microphone or even a telephone! In this session, see some examples of elementary classes’ VoiceThread projects that include collaborative global learning. Discussion will include how-to, classroom management, social networking and parental permission. Adaptable for all grade levels.

Can You Show Me a "Standard" Student? Teaching to the standards, when our kids are anything but standard  (Also titled: Top 10+ Free Tools)

You have standards to teach and you have your standard teaching tools yet your students are anything but standard. Your students need to show gains so come and learn a few new things to meet their individual needs; like how to get them writing with comic creators. Teach study skills with an online/social list maker and social bookmarking. Teach your kids to think globally with some amazingly easy and free tools. Together we'll explore 10+ free online tools you can use in your classroom tomorrow. Learn about video conversion tools, comic creators, online list makers, video-creating software, social bookmarking, web polls and more. Many of these you can use with your cell phone!