This is the workspace for the SPU course, EDTC 6535 Issues and Advances in Ed Tech, to be team-taught by Dr. Helen Barrett and Erin Barrett.

The important links in this Google Site:
  1. Syllabus - the overview of the entire course, all assignments and topics

  2. Schedule - an overview of the 10 weeks, followed by detailed plans for each of the weeks

  3. Assignments - a summary of the assignments, followed by details of the two major projects.
  4. Resources - all the resources we will use in the class, including Standards, Tools we will use, and links to Readings

  5. TypeWith.me - We will explore new tools for collaboration. Etherpad was a tool for collaborative writing that did not require an account. The company was bought by Google in 2009, the software became open source, and the website shut down in 2010. Others have set up Etherpad servers. TypeWith.me is served by a Seattle-based company. A link will be sent each week which will be used for discussion.

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